It’s time you play the role of "guest"? at your own party! We will shop for the menu, prepare the food and serve it with flair. No matter the type of event, you’ll be able to hire someone you can trust and enjoy!

Rent-A-Chef is a unique culinary service that provides an amazing dining experience in the privacy of your own home. We cater intimate events of all types and sizes. Whatever your needs may be, our dedicated staff can meet them. Parties of 4 or more in the comfort of your home. Price includes Cutlery, Crockery, Service and Clean-up

Chef Remy


Chef Remy owes his position to an award winning track record and enduring popularity with patrons and staff alike. Originally from Goa, one of the most popular tourist destination in India, Remy draws heavily from his heritage in terms of philosophy, passion for food and its presentation. He completed his professional certifications in Hotel Management and Catering in India and sharpened his skills and knowledge at America’s Career University, Johnson and Wales University in Miami, Florida. Remy’s 26 years of culinary experience stem from positions held at various international establishments, From Deluxe five star resorts, to ports of call throughout the Mediterranean countries, to the most popular cruise line in the world, to the most exotic Islands in the Caribbean. He has been in the position of executive chef for the last 14 years on Grand Cayman.

Chef Remy is an active professional member of Chaine des Rotisseurs and has been featured in the first edition of The International Who's Who of chefs among the best chefs of the world. He brings his unique energy and talents to the table. “I can say with the utmost confidence that I offer international cuisine to exceed expectations and satisfy every palate. I never compromise on quality, consistency and presentation, as I strongly believe that - "You eat with your eyes first"?.


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